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19 February 2019

Family Outing at The Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur


Last weekeed my family and I visited The Museum of Illusions. It is a new interactive museum in Kuala Lumpur located in Ansa Hotel (Level 1) at Bukit Bintang (Ansa Hotel is located between Fahrenheit88 and Lot 10 Mall).

The fact, Museum of Illusions Kuala Lumpur is the first in Southeast Asia and it is an interactive museum that offers a fun and educational experience.

One of my favourite spot to take a picture

The Museum consists of illusionistic rooms, optical illusions and a playroom with didactic games and puzzles. You can laugh, scream, run, take photos and everything else that is not allowed in other museums.

The Museum of Illusions is not static, it allows people to be creative and to play. The Museum collection is made of more than 70 exhibits which are all based on science, mathematics, biology and psychology.
My family and I are having fun here together.

Visitors can learn a lot about vision, perception, the human brain and science through our attractive and fun exhibits. In that way they also learn why our eyes see things that our brain does not understand.

What do you see? Face or Vase?

The Museum of Illusions offers many events such as the organization of birthday celebrations, corporate events, and school trips.

The birthday celebrations are intended for the younger population (children 5 – 15 years old) and include a guided tour through the museum, playing didactic games and solving puzzles in the Smart playroom.

The Museum is also the distributor of Dilemma didactic games and puzzles. Didactic games and puzzles encourage children and adults to “think outside the box” and trying to solve them can give you a lot of trouble.

I am trying to solve this egg puzzle

It has a Smart playroom for all ages where you can try to solve wooden puzzles, play games and compete. Playing and solving the games and puzzles increases the development of your cognitive abilities and is like a workout for your brain.

If you get really intrigued about a certain game or puzzle you can purchase it in the museum shop and keep exercising your brain at home.

If you have not yet visit this museum, do come over and have fun with your family and friends.

The Museum is spread more than 4000 sqm of space and it is suitable for Event, Teambuilding, Birthday Party, Treasure Hunt, Product Launches and many more.

Quotation for events: Kindly email them for details (

The price of the ticket is: 

RM 35 (MyKad) / RM 45 (Non-MyKad)

Children (5-15 years): 
RM 25 (MyKad) / RM 35 (Non-MyKad)

Family ticket:- consist of 2 adults and 2 childrens RM 90 (MyKad) / RM 120 (Non-MyKad)

Opening hours: 10am to 10pm

How to get there?

Public Transportation: It is 1 minute walking distance from Bukit Bintang MRT and Monorail

Waze: Museum of Illusions KL / Ansa Kuala Lumpur Hotel

Parking : Recommend to park your car at Fahrenheit88 mall or Lot 10.

For inquiries:
Call 03-2110 2654

Social media Museum of Illusions KL Instagram: @moi_kualalumpur
Facebook: @moi.kualalumpur
Twitter: @moi_kualalumpur

Do search for official hashtag to see more interesting picture from past guests: #museumofillusionskl #museumofillusionskualalumpur #kualalumpur


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