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13 November 2017

Multiple Sources of Income Summit (MSI) 2017

 Asia’s leading mentoring company - MasteryAsia together with Singapore’s digital marketing innovator - Digital Influence Lab are becoming the pioneer in shaking the ground of coaching industry and shaping the future of Malaysia’s
conference landscape by organizing the first and largest virtual Multiple Sources of Income Summit (MSI) 2017 in Malaysia.

First of its kind in Malaysia, largest online MSI summit 2017 will be held continuously from 13th to 17th November 2017 featuring 5 days of wealth creation keynote sessions virtually with more than 15 industries experts, best-selling author and international speakers across Asia.

Estimated 20,000 participants from Malaysia and Singapore will be joining this innovative and evolutional summit to understand the principles, handy strategies, and practical tools to embark on their journey to create different streams of income.

KC See, Founder & CEO of Mastery Asia

“The Multiple Sources of Income Summit is designed to give you the enlightenments on some of the passive income opportunities available in the market today. This Summit will help everyone by providing actual and handy plans on unleashing a steady flow of passive incomes”
, said KC See, founder and CEO of MasteryAsia.

Participant not only will learn the insights, opinions, future trends & real case studies discussed from the pioneers and brightest minds in investment field, they will also discover the latest development in the area of property investment, business, entrepreneurship, investment, wealth creation as well as multiple sources of income opportunities.

MasteryAsia has arranged for an amazing lineup of speakers including the following and many more.

CNBC Featured Online Trading Expert - Mario Singh

Founder of The Strategic Property Investor Model Program - Ahyat Ishak

The Edge Featured Singapore's youngest self-made millionaire at the age of 26 – Adam Khoo

Group CEO of QuestCorp Global Inc. US – KC See

Professional Stock Trader who shared the stage with Mary Buffet, Nick Vujicic and Richard Duncan - Kathlyn Toh

Online Business Entrepreneur and Best Selling Author and Speaker - Fabian Lim

Living Space managing director and leading Air BnB guru - Ikhram Merican

MSI Summit 2017 fills participants’ brain with thought approaches and practical solutions designed to supercharge their investment strategies.

Topics featured in MSI Summit include:
1. Secrets to Creating Multiple Sources of Income
2. Building SMART Business: Strategies that works In Challenging Times
3. Strategies to build a successful digital marketing business
4. Becoming a highly paid professional world class speaker
5. Building a successful eCommerce business
6. How to identify and invest in Below Market Value property… Every Time
7. How to achieve consistent profits in the stock market and get a 3 to 4 times return
on listed stock
8. How to run a 6-Figure AirBnB business like a boss
9. The Future of Money: Cryptocurrency
10. Myths and Truths about International property investment
11. How to Write a Book and Become a Published Author
12. How to use creative financing to leverage in your property investment
13. ETF investment: How to maximize your ROI safely and consistently in both good and bad time
14. How to build a large network that will feed you forever
15. Smart Money Management with KC Lau
16. How to explode your wealth through currency trading 

The Multiple Sources of Income Summit 2017 is definitely not a lecture of nice theories nor a motivational program. It will be a transformational online learning platform that opens up people’s financial horizon and give them the actual strategies to grow additional sources of  income which saves them from years of time and effort wasted on mistakes.

For more information about Multiple Sources of Income Summit 2017:


  1. Interested to know bout airbnb...will be running guesthouse soon...i think its agood thing to know about airbnb more

  2. bagus mesti banyak informasi berguna

  3. info terbaik tentang airbnb, thanks for sharing dear..

  4. Ilmu ni ilmu. Harini la start kan?

  5. Menarik ni. Info berguna. Terima kasih atas perkongsian.

  6. Info yang bagus. Sekarang macam-macam cara boleh untuk jana pendapatan. Nak atau taknak je kan.

  7. salah satu cara nak jana pendapatan juga ni. yang penting niat dan usaha kann?? anyway, thanks for the sharing..

  8. Untuk jana pendapatan ada banyak cara dan ini salah stau cara. Keep it up!!

  9. Rugi kalau orang kata sekarang susah nak cari kerja sebab kerja ada boleh dapat duit dengan pelbagai cara tek semestinya pergi kerja pagi balik kerja petang betul tak..

  10. Sebenarnya banyak punca untuk kita tambah pendapatan, cuma selalunya nak memulakan tu yang susah dan tak tahu mcm mana nak start. Apa2 pun info yg bagus...thanks for sharing

  11. Sekarang banyak cara boleh untuk jana pendapatan..rugi betul orang yang malas "mencari" dan cuma duk mengharap pekerjaan yang from 8 to 5 tu..huhu

  12. nak menjana income banyak dah cara sekarang. nanti nak share ya :)

  13. thanks sharing, kalau tak akk tak tahu pasl ni

  14. Menarik nih! Macam macam ada. Banyak topik menarik.

  15. Zaman sekarang dah tak boleh bergantung harap pada satu punca pendapatan kan. Memang bagus seminar sebegini. Harap urusan kita semua dipermudahkan dalam menempuhi hari mendatang.


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