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01 July 2024

AEON Fashion Preview (AFP) June 2024: ASEAN Designers Invited To Meet Customers And Break Into New Market

AEON, renowned for its highly-anticipated Fashion Preview, returns with a fresh focus to highlight new collaborators to address cross-generational needs and celebrate body diversity. Famous for its novel and inventive setups, this preview features the runway at the supermarket to seamless blend fashion with daily shopping routines, allowing shoppers at AEON Cheras Selatan to experience fashion amidst their grocery errands.

AEON Fashion Preview June 2024: ASEAN Designers Invited To Meet Customers And Break Into New Market

1. Overlooked generation, the silver-haired takes center stage with Takumi Jeans, Artisanal Denim – a collaboration with Okayama Prefecture

2. J-pop’s Big Angel and la farfa magazine’s special collaborator, Michiko Ohashi champions freedom to embrace body positivity

Silver-Haired Generation Shines with Takumi Jeans

The often-forgotten silver-haired generation is finally getting the spotlight it deserves at the AEON Fashion Preview. This year, Takumi Jeans, known for their high-quality artisanal denim crafted at the renowned Okayama Prefecture, takes center stage. 

These jeans are not only eco-friendly and exceptionally durable but also embody a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern style. Designed to meet the unique needs and tastes of the mature audience, Takumi Jeans offer comfort, style, and sustainability. This collaboration with Takumi Jeans underscores a commitment to high-quality, culturally rich fashion that celebrates and honours the wisdom and elegance of the silver-haired generation.

Championing Inclusivity: Michiko Ohashi and Plus-Sized Fashion

J-pop’s Big Angel and la farfa magazine’s special collaborator, Michiko Ohashi is leading the charge for inclusivity at the AEON Fashion Preview. As the special collaborator for la farfa magazine, Japan's premier plus-sized fashion publication, Ohashi brings her unique perspective and advocacy to the forefront. Her work with Big Angel, a popular plus-sized idol group, has already made waves in promoting body positivity and challenging traditional beauty standards. At the AEON Fashion Preview, Ohashi will be showcasing collections that celebrate body diversity and empower individuals of all sizes to embrace their unique beauty. Her involvement underscores AEON's commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that fashion is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Through this collaboration, AEON and Michiko Ohashi aim to inspire a broader acceptance and appreciation of diverse body types in the fashion industry.

ASEAN Designers Invited to Break into New Markets with AEON

Five prominent ASEAN designers and brands have been invited to foster cross-country exchanges and drive fashion-forward growth. This initiative aims to create a vibrant platform for showcasing innovative designs and cultural diversity, enhancing market visibility for these designers while enriching the fashion landscape in Malaysia and beyond. By leveraging AEON's extensive reach and influence, these designers will have the opportunity to connect with new customers, expand their brand presence, and contribute to a dynamic and inclusive fashion industry. This collaboration not only highlights the creative prowess of ASEAN designers but also underscores AEON's commitment to support regional talent and promote cross-cultural understanding.

⁃ Andrew Smith: Led by designer Achmad from Indonesia, celebrated for sophisticated menswear blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary fashion. Offers a diverse range from soft tailoring to casual wear, ensuring style, comfort, and functionality. Known for global presence and commitment to sustainable practices, supporting local arts. 

⁃ CDL (Cardinal): Established in 1973, led by designers Leo and Safei from Indonesia, renowned for versatile and stylish clothing for men and women. From casual to formal wear, CDL combines comfort with contemporary style, maintaining affordability and eco-friendly practices. 

⁃ M.Gee: Since 1990, led by designers Oman and Fajar from Indonesia, this brand specializes in high-quality outdoor workwear including shirts, T-shirts, jackets, and more. Emphasizes durability and quality materials for industrial and outdoor use.

⁃ Finix: Established and founded by Leonard Cheong, a designer from Singapore in 2019, Finix offers FORM, FIT, and FLOW lines catering to diverse styles with creative fabrics. Promotes self-expression and comfort.

⁃ Kanzi: Led by designers Muhammad and Liza from Singapore, renowned for elegant formal wear crafted from traditional Ikat fabric. Recognized for sustainability, quality, and unique designs, integrating modern and traditional elements.

Following Earlier Debut, stads Introduces New Collection for Urban Explorers

Stads Volume 2 is a highly anticipated new collection, building on the success of its inaugural launch as an all-purpose wear. Crafted with lightweight and breathable fabrics, Stads Volume 2 ensures comfort and functionality for those constantly on the move. Perfect for navigating the urban landscape, this collection offers versatility, packability and flexibility that cater to freedom and personalization. 

Low Ngai Yuen, Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer of AEON delivering her welcoming remarks.

“In addition to driving lifestyle and fashion inclusivity this season, AEON Select has been curating pop culture that is very much influenced by anime. Launching the latest series of Jujutsu Kaisen, we believe strongly that this has become a powerful medium for self-expression, allowing individuals to showcase their unique tastes and personalities. By wearing anime-inspired clothing, fans can celebrate their favourite characters and stories, transforming everyday apparel into a canvas for personal creativity and identity,” Low Ngai Yuen, AEON's Chief Merchandise and Marketing Officer states as she also unveils a sneak preview of JKids Sports and new activewear range Appetite. 

Appetite is a playful activewear range with its invigorating tagline Hungry For Action is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead an active and energetic lifestyle.

“An active lifestyle is essential for the well-being of both the young and old, fostering health, vitality and a sense of community across generations,” she adds.

AEON Fashion Preview for June 2024 edition is aligned with AEON's commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8 and 15, focused on promoting a peaceful and inclusive society for sustainable development, providing access to justice, and building effective, responsible, and inclusive institutions.

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