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26 July 2019

Arabic Comprehensive Conference and Exhibition 2019

26-28 July 2019 Arabic Comprehensive Conference and Exhibition will be held in PWTC. 

The conference and exhibition are the largest and most significant Arabic event in Asia. It is the first of its kind that makes it possible to explore the full Arabic experience in Malaysia that is part of the integration process between Malaysia and the Middle East. 

The experience is represented by a comprehensive function that ranges from various showrooms  providing venues for conferences, commercial and investment exhibitions,  cultural shows to a section of business and services. thus the exhibition comprises commercial, cultural
and social areas.

The exhibition is organized in cooperation with all Arab embassies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysian ministries of tourism and Ministry of International Trade and Industry with active participation by Arab student unions, embassies and pioneering organizations through a joint, experienced work team to present the best possible image of Arabs in Malaysia.

Leading businessmen ambassadors, commercial and cultural attaches and a number of Malaysian ministers are attending the exhibition, supervised by Arabi Group in view of its good connections with the Malaysian government and its professional capability to organize far much better exhibitions.

With a theme "Rich cultures, diverse markets", ACCE 2019 is an event that showcases the many opportunities in the Middle East that await businesses and travellers alike.

ACCE 2019 has set two sessions to honour Arab students who have completed their study in  Bachelor, Master's and PHD level. Education theme workshops have also been organized in tandem with one that highlights opportunities to further one studies in Malaysia.


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