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14 October 2019

Over 354 Artworks From Kids, Youth and Special Needs Artists Showcase at Kids Art Fair 2019 @ GMBB Kuala Lumpur

I do love art and the opportunity to visit the Kids Art Fair is the best moment where I can see different paintings and different view of the children.

The Kid Art Fair showcase attracts kids and art lovers to come and see over 354 artworks from kids, youth, and special need artists.

The fair wowed crowds with participation from talented and curious kids as young as 3 up to 19 years old. Kids Art Fair covering a few areas of art such as oil painting, acrylic, water colour, pencil drawing, mixed medium and art installation made up of recycled material.

Taken part in this exhibition were Bon Artpetit Art Studio, Garden International School, Phillip Wong Atelier & Gallery, Simple Art Studio (Ipoh), Studio Rumah Kotak and Yuk Choy High School Ipoh. There are 11 solo and 21 group exhibitors to captivate the guests and visitors throughout the 9-days free admission programme.

Continuing with its art and creative pursuits, GMBB, the lifestyle centre that is transforming creative retail right at the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s cultural district has officially opened its door to Everyone Can Paint Kids Art Fair 2019 – the first-of-its-kind kids art exhibition in Malaysia on last Saturday, 12nd October. The exhibition is happening from 11th until 20th October 2019.

In line with the “Everyone Can Paint” theme, the programme aimed to be a developmental, nurturing avenue where kids, youth and special needs people can gather to learn, discover and express their creativity and talent in visual art while taking a peek into the world of arts.

“There’s no doubt that the arts are fun, especially for kids. Diving into those finger paints and making a beautiful picture to hang on the fridge is awesome and such an important memorable experience. But not many understand that art helps kids’ development on various fundamental levels,” said Phillip Wong, Artistic Director and Curator of Kids Art Fair 2019.

Studies have shown that arts have a great deal of impact to kids learning and development of important characteristics they will need later in life. Art enhances motor and fine motor skills, builds inner confidence, instils creative thinking, decision making skills, focus power, accountability and visual learning among others.

Lim Ying Hui, Assistant General Manager of GMBB Kuala Lumpur in her speech said, “It is our vision to be the first creative mall that provides holistic experiences for consumers to meeting the needs of Malaysia's thriving creative industry through programmes such as the Kids Art Fair 2019. We are very pleased with this exhibition concept brought by Phillip that is to gather many budding young artists to showcase their work and interest. I can see a lot of them have a great deal of talent and potential.”

The public is welcomed to visit Kids Art Fair from now until 20th October 2019 at Level 3 of GMBB. There are special live art show on 13th October and 19th October from 12pm – 5pm. Also happening until 18th October on Level 4 of GMBB Kuala Lumpur is Banana Leaf: A Celebration of Malaysian Indian Arts & Culture.

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  1. i love arts too but dah lama tak pergi mana2 arts exhibitions.
    this one soo cute sebab kids n youth punya. should spare some free time untuk explore balik hobi2 yang dah lama x buat.

  2. comel je tempat kumpul kanak2 nye arts ni..

  3. this is really good effort for the kids especially the ones who needs it. the activities is challenging for them but its good in build up their characters.

  4. Azni suka jugak tgk art fair macam ni.. adoii tapi sampai this week yer .mcm tak sempat jer. Alaaaaa

  5. seronoklah siapa dapat join aktiviti ni. mek tak dapat nak datang sebab weekend ni dah. tak sempat nak plan ke KL.

  6. even macam ni bagus untuk kids bukan sahaja untuk serlah bakat mereka tapi juga untuk ajar diorang tentang self confident, communication dan other skills. program yang bagus untuk anak

  7. Kids always love to draw and art is one program that most kids love.. this is a good program for those who loves art.

  8. Memang bagus untuk galakkan kanak-kanak yang minat dengan seni lukis untuk mengasah bakat mereka dan pergi lebih jauh. Tak semua orang ada bakat macam ni. I suka tengok anak-anak yang kreatif dengan imaginasi mereka

  9. So cute tempat kanak-kanak tu. Best sangat tengok mereka happy juga

  10. macam best jer g sini... xpernah lagi pegi

    done follow sini #83

  11. Wah.. Menarik nie.. Boleh la AM bawa anak2 ke sini nnti.. Dua2 anak AM mmg minat bab2 lukisan nie. Mesti seronok diaorg.

  12. Pendedahan yang sangat bagus terutamanya utk kanak2 yang minat dalam bidang kreatif ni.Selain isi masa lapang,parents boleh bonding time dengan anak2 sekali.

  13. BBL pun suka jugak datang art exhibition boleh explore ilmu baru. seni pun boleh datang pelbagai cara. yang penting kena open minded sebab mostly seni ni deep sikit maksudnya kan

  14. wah, bagusnya ada event macam ni. dapat ketengahkan bakat anak-anak dari kecil. Kadang budak-budak ni imaginasi diorg di luar kotak. tapi kita tak sedar melainkan ada program macam ni.

  15. Gosh, they are so talented - I could never paint like that. It's great that there are so many avenues for kids, youths and special needs artists to showcase their work.

  16. Suka dengan seni. Bila tgk hasil seni kanak2 terus jadi teruja heheheh. Cantik dan menarik sangat kan

  17. seronok bila lihat banyak aktiviti bertemakan seni banyak diadakan. saya dulu pun suka melukis tapi sekarang macam makin berkarat haha. thanks share ya ;)

  18. I love arts like so much! I am also work my own in the artistic industry! Thanks for sharing! I believe my little one also love arts~

  19. Wah baguslah ada peluang menunjukkan bakat kesenian macam ni. Anak saya sangat suka melukis. Nak juga expose anak saya dengan aktiviti seperti ni. Banyak kebaikan melukis ni rupanya.

  20. This event is indeed good in creating confidence within the kids in order to produce wonderful art articles... With the in involvement of each relevant parties, many positive outcomes could be obtained... Kudos to the entire team...

  21. bagus ada pameran mcm ni dpatlah anak2 mempamerkan bakat mereka...

  22. SAtu aktiviti yg baik utk kanak2 mengisi masa lapang mereka...ramai yg berbakat

  23. Bagusnya ada aktiviti untuk kanak-kanak. Parent xpayah risau nak atur aktiviti untuk anak2 mereka.


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